Hp Pavilion DV3 Laptop Screen Prices

Hp Pavilion DV3 Laptop Screen
Display Size:12.1" Widescreen (10.2" x 6.4")
Resolution:WXGA (1280x800)
Type:Glossy / Matte
Availability:Ready Stock!
Brand:Hp Pavilion DV3
Warranty:1 Year Warranty

Hp Pavilion DV3 Laptop Screen Care Tips:

How to extend HP DV3 Laptop Screen life? Here are some more tips to improve your Laptop's Screen life:

  • NEVER spray ANY solution directly onto your HP DV3 Laptop screen ! The edges of LCD and LED screens have electrical connections on them. Any solution that drips or runs down the screen can short out or otherwise permanently damage your HP DV3 Laptop screen ! ALWAYS apply your solution to your cleaning cloth ONLY!
  • If you apply too much of the solution and it is drippy or too damp, wipe it off with a soft cloth and apply less.
  • Tissues, napkins, and other paper products will leave flakes of paper on your HP DV3 Laptop screen. It's better to not even try using them. they are made with wood fiber and can scratch the HP DV3 Laptop screen.
  • Avoid using products such as Windex because these contain ammonia, alcohol, or both and they can degrade the HP DV3 Laptop screen panel.
  • Shut down your laptop, unplug it from the power adapter, and remove the battery before cleaning it or you risk damaging the pixels in the HP DV3 Laptop screen.
  • Use only enough pressure to hold your cleaning wipe on the screen. NEVER press hard, scrub, or scour when cleaning an LCD screen all these actions can cause permanent damage to the screen.
  • If in doubt, test a small area of screen first.
  • Many manufacturers are recommending using either a soft, lint free dry cloth or to use a commercially available cleaning kit designed specifically for use on Laptop screens.