Hp Laptop BGA Service

Laptop BGA rework and BGA repair including BGA x-ray services and repair of damaged BGA pads and lands..We have solutions for all your BGA rework and repair needs.. We're equipped with 5 top-of-the line BGA rework systems and a staff of engineers and operators with in-depth knowledge and experience at the intricate process of BGA rework.

We offer a wide variety of services including BGA component removal, replacement and salvage; x-ray inspection; circuit pattern design changes at BGA sites; repair of lifted or missing BGA pads; and repair of solder mask at the BGA sites.

BGA Pad and Solder Mask Repair

Repair of damaged solder mask between BGA pads and connecting vias is a critical step to prevent solder from flowing down the vias during BGA replacement.

Damaged or missing BGA pads are replaced by following an IPC recommended procedure BGA Pad Repair Procedure. This procedure uses specially fabricated adhesive backed BGA pads that are thermally bonded to the board surface.

  • Repair of damaged solder mask at BGA sites
  • Rework a BGA site to change the conductor routing
  • BGA Component Removal & Replacement
  • X-ray Services for BGA Components